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We provide a continuum of financial stewardship, asset management, and donor-directed services for Michigan Area United Methodist constituents. Whether you are a pastor, lay person, or church leader, we look forward to partnering with you as you seek to fulfill your vision and mission.


Serving Michigan Area Churches for Nearly 90 years

UMF Michigan offers a variety of programs and services to help your church get the most from available financial resources. From professional, socially responsible fund management, to stewardship education, development of effective capital campaigns, planned giving seminars and more, we are experts with years of experience helping churches just like yours. In fact, UMF Michigan is the preferred provider of value-aligned investment and financial stewardship services to the vast majority of United Methodist congregations across Michigan. Learn more about the many services UMF Michigan provides Michigan churches.


Ann Buck Joins The United Methodist Foundation of Michigan Staff

The United Methodist Foundation of Michigan is pleased to announce that Ann Buck has joined the staff as Director of Account Services. Having served for a number of years in the area of administrative services with the West Michigan Treasurer’s Office, Ann is well known throughout much of the Michigan Area. Ann will transition full time to the Foundation in late fall, but began splitting her time between the Treasurer’s Office and the Foundation on July 1st.

David Bell, President and Executive Director, commented, “Ann brings a wealth of knowledge to our accounting services area. She is highly respected for her collegial style, her exceptional customer service skills, and, most importantly, her passion for the Church and its ministry.” The United Methodist Foundation of Michigan has been growing steadily both in terms of assets under management and its scope of ministry. In a proactive move to continue its standards of excellence, the Foundation is expanding its full-time staff. Ann will be responsible for many bookkeeping functions of the Michigan Area Loan Fund, local church investment statements, other trust and annuity account services, and direct customer service.

Ann joins other staff members, Wayne Barrett, Senior Executive; Marian Coles, Senior Director of Operations; Jeff Regan, Senior Director of Stewardship; and Kay Yoder, Director of MALF Accounting. While Kay retired from full-time work a few years ago, she will fully retire at the end of 2016. David Bell stated, “Few people have served any United Methodist Foundation across the country as long as Kay has been dedicated to our Foundation. She will leave behind a great legacy. She cares so deeply about each church client. We pray God’s blessing upon her as she enjoys her next stage of retired life.”

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Serving Individuals with Legacy Planning

UMF Michigan can help you with planned giving and estate planning as you seek to define your legacy. Since 1982, we've been helping pastors and individuals like yourself with financial and estate planning, professional trust management, charitable estate planning and more. Learn more about how UMF Michigan can help you, and be sure to check out the resources availalbe from our online store to help you with your personal financial and estate planning.




Offering a Value-Aligned Investment Opportunity
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We're proud of the financial history of our investments! UMF Michigan has now combined all funds into our newest fund option to best meet your financial investment needs. Not only is our fund a great investment managed by professional institutional asset managers with years of experience, but our fund is uniquely customized to adhere to the socially responsible investment requirements of The United Methodist Church. You can feel confident knowing that your resources are safely invested with companies that produce products or engage in activities consistent with your beliefs and values.

Take time to learn more about the UMF Collective Investments Funds of Michigan LLC today and discover why we are the preferred provider of investment services to the Michigan Area of The United Methodist Church!












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